Working towards a better school

I am sure most parents would agree that they need to play an active role in the schools activities. However most times we just don’t have the time or lose interest after a few tries. However the fact remains that any educational institute which hopes to improve can’t do so without constant feedback. As parents sometimes our feedback can be justified and other time it is just not practical and becomes more of an issue on who is right ?

The assumption however remains that every time a parent gets involved it is for the betterment of the school , either for one child or for all of them. This forums hopes to help bridge the gap between parents and the school.

  • The reason for this is because most other schools have some such forum and parents actively participate in it.
  • The voice of one can be easily drowned but if it is sincere then it will find support here.
  • Many heads are better than one
  • Everybody deserves support and encouragement
  • As a new school it needs the input

This site is not meant to assign blame , raise the concerns and then work towards the solutions. If you simply want to rant about an issue please try an appropriate forum.


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