Sick children

My daughter feel sick recently and it got me wondering , do parents ever really get a good visibility on how many other children are falling sick in the school and what parents and children can do to prevent it. E.g. we stopped sending out daughter to school the day she feel sick mostly because she wasn’t in a position to go to school but more importantly because even when she recover we didn’t want to rush things to cause the fever to come back or spread among other children. While it is not the schools responsibility to take care of this it is important that there is an option for parents to co-ordinate among themselves.

So I am introducing a poll on the site

Would you send your child to school with a mild cough or cold assuming it will go away on its own or would you wait till it needs attention?

I would love to hear what parents have to say about preventing children from falling sick in school. Please feel free to post your thoughts.

The calss treacher did give a call on thrid day to ask if everything was alright which was a nice thing to do.


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